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Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto

Published: 17:40, 19 June 2017
Square Enix
Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto just got a fresh trailer. The trailer shows some gameplay and snippets of the story. Episode Prompto will be available on 27 June.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto releases in one week and now we have a new trailer which includes gameplay and a bazooka. The release date given in the press release is 27 June.

The press release invites you to become "the gunslinger in all-new third person shooter gameplay". It goes on to explain the setting: "Separated from the group and alone in an arctic environment, experience an untold story as Prompto fights to discover the truth behind his origins and to take control of his own fate."

Square Enix Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto - Bazooka action Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto - Bazooka action

In the trailer we see Prompto return to his "home sweet home". There is also a snowmobile, some selfies and loads of explosions.

In other Final Fantasy and Square Enix news, the second premium expansion for Final Fantasy XIV Online named  will roll out tomorrow. The expansion has been available since 16 June to everyone who pre-ordered the game.

Square Enix Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto

Another game announced at Square Enix's E3 presentation is Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Developed in partnership with Team Ninja, Dissidia is a team-based brawler which pits legendary heroes and villains from the Final Fantasy universe against each other.

Fans of the Final Fantasy title from 2006 will be treated to a remaster named Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age. It will be "more beautiful and easier to play than ever", and feature a reconstructed battle design along with the new Zodiac Job System.

Square Enix Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

Another Final Fantasy title announced at this year's E3 is Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV. It's a VR game in which you will explore "the world’s oceans, lakes, ponds and rivers and participate in a wide variety of fishing challenges". Monster of the Deep will be available in September this year.

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