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FIFA 21 trailer shows of FUT stadium customisation, Icon 100 players

Published: 18:03, 10 August 2020
FIFA 21, FUT Icon 100, Eric Cantona
FIFA 21, FUT Icon 100, Eric Cantona

EA rolled out a new trailer for FIFA 21's FIFA Ultimate Mode (FUT), showing off what awaits them once the game launches, including customisation and FUT Icon 100.

According to EA, FIFA 21 brings the most social FUT experience ever, and the features seem to agree. If you choose to take on the world with a friend, you can hop into FUT co-op and should you win together, you reap the rewards together. 

You can team up or play solo against other FUT players, as well as complete special co-op objectives to unlock rewards. 

Also featured are FIFA 21 FUT Team Events. "Compete against the FUT Community in new Team Events. Complete themed Objectives for your side as you contribute to your team’s score and try to unlock unique rewards, coins, or packs", EA wrote.

FIFA 21 FUT will let you customise your experience like never before, letting players flaunt their achievements all over their shiny new stadium. Initially, players will be building an atmosphere by picking things like mow patterns, goal net colours, but upgrading the stadium will let Barca envy your designer's eye. Well, not really, but you know - it's an expression.

To make sure FIFA 21 is as realistic as possible, stand out moments from real football are translated into stats increases inside the game. 

"Tailored attribute increases based on players’ on-pitch performances boost individual stats like free kick accuracy, long shots, and heading power to make sure Moments Items better reflect the real-world matches they represent", they wrote. 

EA FIFA 21, FUT Icon 100 FIFA 21, FUT Icon 100

FIFA 21 team also announced some new additions to the iconic FIFA offerings, and they dubbed it FIFA Icon 100. The group includes some true greats, like Cantona and...well there's none better than the King, so we'll just stop right there. 

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