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FIFA 20 gameplay trailer shows off new on, off the ball features

Published: 17:35, 18 July 2019
Neymar doing a rabona kick in FIFA 19

EA have rolled out a gameplay trailer for the upcoming instalment of their popular football simulator, FIFA 20, showing off all the new and updated features, like increased control over Decisive Moments, a set-piece refresh and more.

EA highlighted FIFA 20's set-piece overhaul, which is meant to provide players with better control, provided they get their timing in order.

As you can see in the trailer, FIFA 20 offers every flavour - curling, dipping and knuckle shots included, letting you emulate everything from Roberto Carlos' bombs and David Beckham's curls to Christiano Ronaldo's knuckle shots.

FIFA 20 will come with dynamic 1v1, with increased player control in these situations, both in attack and defence.

Attackers can lure defenders in and then hit them with strafe dribbling, allowing players to leave defenders in the dust either with speed, skill or both.

Thankfully, defenders have got their own updated toolset in Active Touch Tackling, which lets you skillfully recycle posession if you get your timing right. It comes with new animations "that reward you for well-timed defensive play."

FIFA 20 will feature improved finishing in one-on-one situations, while introducing more risk on volleys and long shot opportunities. Apparently, the overhauled shooting should provide more realism in front of goal.

AI got an overhaul too but in the defending part of FIFA 20, and EA promises better AI support thanks to improved positioning and tackling. As with each FIFA iteration so far, there are some player motion and positioning improvements too.

Speaking of motion, FIFA 20's dev team claim to have achieved more realistic ball movement, with authentic spins and bounces. "Curling shots. Dipping free kicks. Knuckleballs. First-time rising strikes. All made possible by the new Ball Motion System in FIFA 20", they wrote.

EA Sports New cover for FIFA 19 with De Bruyne, Neymar and Dybala FIFA 19, new cover

Owing to Juventus' exclusive partnership with , EA did not renew their partnership with the club, so FIFA 20 will come with Piemonte Calcio instead. Nevertheless, you could say they snapped up an even bigger fish in the Champions of Europe .

FIFA 19, popular football simulation by EA's EA Sports division

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