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Far Cry series will go in a radically different direction after Far Cry 6

Published: 16:19, 28 June 2021
Far Cry 6 screenshot showing a horse, a gun and tropic setting
Far Cry 6

Far Cry series could receive a major overhaul after Far Cry 6, says reliable insider Jason Schreier. Apparently, Ubisoft are aiming to go in a "radically different direction" for the series, starting with the seventh major instalment.

Far Cry is probably the second most popular Ubisoft franchise, second only to Assassin's Creed but unlike this action-adventure, the Far Cry series have stagnated for way too long, offer little to no improvements with the last couple of releases.

However, with Far Cry 6, it seems Ubisoft are set to introduce a lot of new stuff and for the next game in the franchise, which, we presume will be called Far Cry 7, they plan even bigger changes.

This is according to reliable Bloomberg journalist and industry insider Jason Schreier, who stated that according to his sources, Ubisoft aim to go in a radically different direction for the Far Cry franchise after Far Cry 6.

"From what I have heard, if I remember correctly, they're aiming to go in a radically different direction for Far Cry after [Far Cry 6]," Schreier said in a recent episode of the Triple Click podcast (via ComicBook ).

Reddit screenshot of Alleged Far Cry Frenzy logo Logo of Far Cry Frenzy, alleged free-to-play Far Cry game

At the moment we do not have any additional details about Ubisoft's plans for Far Cry 7 but since the publisher already kinda announced they will be focusing more on free-to-play content rather than major AAA yearly releases, this certainly does not come as a surprise.

You can expect some kind of free-to-play Far Cry title to launch in the near future and if the rumours are right, that title could be called Far Cry Frenzy . However, take this one with a grain of salt since it's not coming from solid sources.

Far Cry 6

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Far Cry 6

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