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Far Cry New Dawn launch trailer and 12 minutes of gameplay

Published: 10:18, 14 February 2019
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Far Cry New Dawn cover art

Ubisoft have released a launch trailer for their post-apocalyptic spinoff Far Cry New Dawn along with first 12 minutes of story gameplay. The video reveals a tense and explosive introduction as well as some new and familiar characters.

Far Cry New Dawn is almost here now, it drops tomorrow, 15 February 2019 and Ubisoft have released a launch a trailer and offered a small hint on the game's story in the latest gameplay video.

If that wasn't already obvious, Far Cry New Dawn is aiming to offer a pretty explosive experience as seen in 12-minute intro scene. The game starts with a train crash which continues into a fight against the local gang before ending with an introduction of the two antagonists - the twin sisters.

The story is basically a continuation of Far Cry 5, so spoiler alert here. If you finished it with a certain choice, you'll know that it ends in a disaster which completely obliterated life on the surface for six years. Those who were hiding in underground shelters then discovered that earth is blooming once again and decided to return and try to rebuild the society.

Of course, just like with every post-apocalyptic setting, communities formed and while some of them were working together to rebuild and start over, many bad guys used the opportunity to form factions and gangs, to control the new world. That's the set up for the game in the most simple of terms.

Ubisoft Picture of some people in post apocalyptic Hope County Far Cry New Dawn

The launch trailer also reveals some familiar characters from Far Cry 5 but we won't spoil it and if you're interested to see which characters you'll encounter in Far Cry New Dawn, you can check out the trailer above.

As for the , it's really the typical Far Cry experience with some minor additions like the mechanics of weapon crafting and ranked enemies. 

All in all, it looks like Ubisoft is still sticking to the old formula. Hopefully, the new additions freshen up the franchise which is certainly in a need for something new and different, after more or less the same mechanics and story pattern in the last couple of games.

Far Cry New Dawn is a post-apocalyptic shooter by Ubisoft

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Far Cry New Dawn

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