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Far Cry 6 narrative director explains Anton Castillo's story

Published: 14:42, 22 July 2020
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Far Cry 6 narrative director Navid Khavari took to twitter to shed some light on Anton Castillo, the dict...ahem, president of Yara and one of the key figures in the upcoming shooter.

Castillo practically grew up on the throne, as his father was the ruler of Yara himself. Unfortunately, his father's tenure ended in a violent death at the hands of the revolution, which very much shaped Far Cry 6's antagonist. 

Having been an eyewitness in the execution, the experience made Castillo a person whose world view doesn't see an iron-fisted control of the island, or the rigged election for that matter, as something necessarily bad. Quite the contrary, in fact, as he finds it badly necessary. 

With 50 years between the execution and even getting a son of his own, Castillo is very much the angry boy he once was, it just takes another path. 

Speaking of his son, Far Cry 6's bad guy sees his son as the main tool with which to finalise his plan of total control. 

"He's passing down these very twisted lessons of how you should control a population. So what you saw in the trailer was really the first of many lessons of how to rule by Anton", Khavari said.

As you'd expect, Far Cry 6's fictional island isn't exactly thrilled with how things are turning out with Anton, or his son Diego, but this is about when players get in.

We're yet to find out actual gameplay-related info, but considering it's Far Cry - the formula is pretty much set for what to expect. Far Cry 6 finally takes players to more tropical settings, after the North American setting of Far Cry 5.

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