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Fallout is getting TV series apparently

Published: 00:40, 03 July 2020

Bethesda came up with something Fallout fans didn't quite expect as they announced a partnership with Kilter Films and Amazon in order to create a TV series set in the iconic universe.

Fallout is a brand that has been around for over 20 years and has seen adaptations into several mediums besides video games. However, there was never any official live-action product that was set in its universe, although it wasn't for the lack of trying.

Interplay wanted to make a movie 20 years ago, at the beginning of the millennium but that plan fell apart after the division that was meant to produce it disbanded. Bethesda then expressed interest in making a Fallout movie back in 2009 but nothing came of that either and in 2016, Bethesda noted that they discarded some offers of making a film. 

Fast forward four years and it seems like we are finally going to see some Fallout-related action that is not an actual game. According to the official announcement, it will be Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy's Kilter Films that will be handling the production of the upcoming TV series.

The show will be made for Amazon Prime Video which is probably the best platform for the series. In case you are not familiar with its works, one Prime subscription covers both Twitch and Prime Video so the gamers, who are probably the target audience, will likely already be subscribed and ready to pump up the viewership numbers.

Fallout 76

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Fallout 76 - Spread the Love event

Not much else was revealed by the announcement but it remains to be seen how the TV show will explain people being too lazy to clean up 200-year-old skeletons and other bloopers.

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