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Fall Guys switches to free to play, stops selling on Steam

Published: 22:44, 17 May 2022
Fall Guys
Fall Guys

Many gamers predicted it and now it's coming true - Fall Guys is going free to play while becoming EGS exclusive on PC.

Fall Guys is probably the most chill battle royale type of game these days but that didn't stop cheaters from ruining the day for everyone back when the game was at its peak. It was from this moment on that the community started dreading the thought of F2P Fall Guys as it would allow cheaters unlimited access as long as they were willing to create new accounts.

The day has not come yet but it will on June 21, 2022, when it will become free to play on all available platforms. If you purchased the game prior to June 21, you will get the Legacy Pack which includes a nickname, nameplate, Regal, Veggie Dog and Feisty Dwarf costumes as well as the season pass for the inaugural season.

On the topic of available platforms, PC players will no longer be able to obtain it on Steam as EGS will be the only storefront to host the cutesy multiplayer game.

Cross-play and cross-progression will still be a thing, meaning you will likely never run out of people to play with. If you have some friends you want to take into a match, you can also utilise cross-platform parties.

Another takeaway from the blog post is that PlayStation 5 players will be getting a new version of the game, allowing for shorter load times and performance enhancement in general.

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