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Factorio patch 1.1 adds more flipping and quality of life improvements

Published: 14:10, 31 January 2021
Wube Software
Factorio update 1.1
Factorio update 1.1

Wube Software released update 1.1 which brought along a ton of quality of life improvements, including some long-requested features from the players.

Factorio fans have been asking for blueprint flips for years and the devs always kept firm in not allowing it but they recently changed their mind. Originally, they didn't want to mess with the system because the likes of oil recipes and rail signals can't flip which would eventually cause them to become non-functional or "cause complete chaos" in other cases.

However, they recently messed with a train unloading setup that included inserters, chests and belts and kovarex just decided to add flipping. In order to avoid unwanted consequences, he just prevented the flipping of blueprints that wouldn't flip properly.

While that is the highlight, there are numerous other changes that will make Factorio more enjoyable for everyone.

Spiderbot waypoints should now allow for avoiding navigation issues with spiders, who would "always get caught on the edge of some lake". On top of that, having too many spiders could make them hard to control in combat, which should no longer be the case as they can now follow other entities, including other spiders.

Building belts should now feel much more streamlined as they will follow the cursor better after certain bugs were fixed. To one-up themselves, the devs also made underground belt traversal automatic.

These changes sound good by just reading about them but Wube Software made several gifs, showing the upgrades in action as well.

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