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Factorio's developer takes up G2A on 10x chargeback offer

Published: 10:22, 13 July 2019
Updated: 06:52, 14 July 2019
Wube Software
Machinery stacked in Factorio sim game

Wube Software, developer of insanely fun factory building game Factorio have written a blog post that addresses the recent controversy surrounding the key-selling site G2A. The dev took them up on the offer but hasn't heard from them since.

Note that the blog was not exclusively about G2A, but it did make up for half of it, so Wube and Factorio have obviously been affected and monitoring the situation closely. 

In a chapter called "G2A - Worse Than Piracy", they echoed the thoughts of Mike Rose from No More Robots, developer of Descenders, who recently started a petition to from G2A's key sales.

"We have talked about the grey market resellers in some previous Friday Facts, and our stance is pretty much the same as Mike, we would rather you pirate Factorio", they wrote.

Upon closer inspection, they found that, much like Descenders, Factorio is being out-advertised by G2A on Google. Admittedly, their subsequent reviewing of trademark/copyright laws revealed there's nothing they can do about it.

"We had a ton of chargeback and fraud issues in 2016 just after our Steam launch, with over 300 Steam keys of the game being purchased with stolen credit cards. With an average chargeback fee of about $20, we estimate the total amount of fees we paid because of chargebacks is about $6,600", they wrote.

In the wake of Rose's petition, G2A vowed to provide developers with on the chargebacks they paid, provided that independent auditors can prove that the stolen keys were sold on their website.

Wube said that they emailed G2A on 10 July 2019, but at the time of writing of the blog, which was 12 July, they received no response.

However, they're certain that at least some of the Factorio keys that were sold on G2A were stolen, as they received mails when they blocked them. Wube actually published seven emails testifying to having purchased the game on G2A, only to have their key revoked.

The dev went on saying that their switch to Humble Widget payment provider ultimately stopped the fraudulent purchases, adding "We don't really care about G2A anymore (but we are in a unique position due to our no sales policy)."

You can find the blog post .

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