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Everything we know about Bandai Namco's anime MMORPG Blue Protocol

Published: 11:52, 25 February 2020
Updated: 11:55, 25 February 2020
Bandai Namco
Blue Protocol showing blue sky and mountains
Blue Protocol

Bandai Namco's have been sharing a lot of details about their gorgeous-looking MMO Blue Protocol lately. In case you have missed them, here's everything you should know about the game.

If MMORPGs are not your thing, you probably have not heard about Bandai Namco's upcoming game. However, the publisher have started to reveal a lot of gameplay footage and new details lately, to build the hype for the upcoming beta test. If Blue Protocol looks like your cup of tea, and you would love to give it a go one it is out, here is everything you need to know about the game.

What is Blue Protocol?

Blue Protocol is an upcoming free-to-play MMORPG, created in stunning anime art style in Unreal Engine 4. It is being developed by Bandai Namco Studios, codenamed Project Sky Blue, which are subsidiaries of Bandai Namco Entertainment, known for Tekken, Soulcalibur and Ace Combat franchises. 

Blue Protocol trailers and gameplay

Bandai Namco released two short trailers, showcasing the game's combat, locations and characters. On top of this, they also have a ton of gameplay footage over at the official channel. Make sure to check them out.

When is Blue Protocol's release date?

Unfortunately, the exact release date is yet to be officially announced by the Japanese publisher. However, the game already underwent an alpha test back in 2019, so our safe bet for the release date would be late 2020 or early 2021. 

Is Blue Protocol releasing worldwide?

Sadly, it is not. At the moment, Bandai Namco have only confirmed the Japanese version of the game but looking at the publisher's track record, it is possible that we see Blue Protocol versions for North America, Europe and the rest of the world. There is also a job posting , suggesting that Bandai Namco are indeed planning to release the game in the EU, US and Australia but take it with a grain of salt until we get a confirmation.

Blue Protocol closed beta dates

Blue Protocol closed beta will run for four days sometime in late March 2020. You can sign-up for the closed beta test on the official website until 02 March 2020 at 11:00 JST / 3:00 AM CET. A total of 50.000 players will be invited to participate in the test. The official start and end dates are yet to be unveiled.

Blue protocol news and features

Blue Protocol is Bandai Namco's MMORPG

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Blue Protocol

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