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CCP and Hadean to bring a 10.000 player deathmatch in EVE

Published: 15:44, 06 March 2019
CCP Games
Picture of many ships battling it out in EVE Online
EVE Online

Hadean are the developers of Aether Engine and CCP are the developers of EVE Online. Put the two together and we will apparently get EVE: Aether Wars which will be a 10.000-player deathmatch with no actual money lost in the process.

EVE Online has previously been the grounds for massive battles of over 5.000 ships and massive losses when the wreckage gets converted to real life currency. Well, not exactly the wreckage, but what those ships would have been in proper condition.

Anyway, CCP are looking to challenge all those numbers with an unprecedented 10.000-player deathmatch that is set to happen on 20 March 2019. This came in the form of partnership with Hadean who are looking to stress their Aether Engine during GDC 2019.

CCP will provide assets from EVE Online and EVE: Valkyrie for use in the Aether Engine, which will help Hadean focus on addressing the challenges developers face when attempting to create large-scale online multiplayer environments. If the tests turn out to be successful, there may be potential changes to the actual EVE Online in the future, where CCP would change the technical infrastructure, allowing for massive battles to take place with no issues in sight.

If the 10.000-player deathmatch succeeds, it would technically beat the Guiness World record EVE Online's players have been holding since January 2018, when a total of 6.142 players clashed during the somewhat erroneously named "Million Dollar Battle". Unfortunately, it ended before either side could completely commit and "only" about $4.000 was lost in ship damage.

This happened due to server instability as CCP had to dilate time in order for the servers to keep up as the battle was the largest that happened in the history of the game, and quite frankly, it seems like it wasn't prepared for such a spectacle.

CCP Games Picture of a massive fleet battle in EVE Online EVE Online

Should everything go according to plan, Aether Engine could help sprout new massive battles in EVE's space but it may be too early to speculate. If you wish to join the 10.000 player deathmatch that will occur during GDC 2019, you can do so on .

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