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CCP Games revert permanent EVE Online ban on the US politician

Published: 10:00, 27 April 2019
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CCP Games and Brian Schoeneman made headlines when the former banned the latter permanently from EVE Online. Many theories happened as to why but CCP later released a statement where they found the politician wasn't guilty and apologised.

Brian Schoeneman, going by the name Brisc Rubal in EVE Online, was permanently banned from the game after CCP thought the politician was breaking an NDA. Rubal was a member of the Council of Stellar Management (CSM), which is a democratically elected player advocacy group in EVE Online.

As a member of the political scene in EVE Online, Rubal was allegedly privy to some information he later relayed but was not supposed to, along with two other members of CSM 13. The information would allow recipients to commit "illicit transactions" and all three people were banned permanently for it.

After CCP the investigation, however, they found that the accusations were not substantiated and issued an apology to all three players for not collaborating with CSM 13 accordingly.

Furthermore, all the bans have been lifted and CCP acknowledged they caused "disturbance and stress" to all parties involved, which they will look to correct the issue by making it up to all the concerned parties. 

In the aftermath of the drama, Rubal that he was happy all of it was resolved but that he will need some time off. He will resign from CSM and since he doesn't have a long time left in the current term, he will not have issues with taking a break.

It is not excluded that Rubal might run for CSM in the future again but he didn't say decisively whether he will or if he will completely back off from the program.

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EVE Online is no stranger to events that mirror real life happenings - it has been a place where people scam each other, become space pirates that take someone else's lunch money, costly wars have happened and now even the politics are getting spicy. We have no doubt more such events will transpire in the future.

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