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Eve Echoes by CCP and NetEase enters open beta on iOS and Android

Published: 16:29, 02 December 2019
CCP Games
Eve Echoes Open Beta poster showing a large spacecraft
Eve Echoes, Open Beta has started!

CCP's latest attempt to add some genre variety to the Eve universe has been binned but the company redirected their efforts into Eve Echoes, a mobile sandbox MMO, which has officially entered open beta on iOS and Android devices.

Developed in cooperation with Chinese mobile gaming giant NetEase, Eve Echoes has completed the Alpha test earlier in 2019. At the moment, the Open Beta is available in Australia, USA, Canada, Russia, Europe, South Korea and New Zealand. 

"Eve Echoes is a brand-new sci-fi MMO game set in an alternate universe of New Eden that brings the authentic Eve Online experience to mobile devices. In addition to retaining Eve’s signature gameplay mechanics, Eve Echoes also includes basic tutorials for new players to advance and enhance their space-faring experience", they wrote. 

Eve Echoes' Open Beta brings a bunch of new and improved game content, such as more advanced ships and modules. There's also the Drones weapon system, which CCP say comes in a new form. 

The gameplay was also worked on and as the dev noticed an increased demand for business dealings, Eve Echoes opened the Interstellar Trading Center. Storyline missions were added to Encounters as a new mission type, all of which is available to Open Beta testers. 

Eve's complexity has always been a hindrance in terms of attracting newer players but CCP tried to tackle that too with a new player tutorial. "With this detailed tutorial guide, all novice pilots can learn how to survive and thrive in New Eden", they wrote. 

To top it all off, Eve Echoes' ship fitting slots were split into types for ease of use, while the training and progression were tweaked thanks to player feedback. 

You can find more info and sign up for the Eve Echoes open beta on the game's .

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