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Epic's employee apologises and explains Fortnite's ongoing lag troubles

Published: 15:08, 19 March 2020
Epic Games
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It's not every day that you see a message like this coming out of Epic Games, albeit it doesn't seem to have been officially cleared. Alas, their employee spilt his heart out and responded to the recent torrent of complaints aimed at Fortnite's rampant lag.

Fortnite has been having trouble with some rampant lag, which Epic are trying to address the best way possible. As it tends to happen a lot these days though, a number of players went after the company, implying that they're merely sitting on their behinds while the playerbase is suffering.

In a post on Reddit, Fortnite's live operator by the name of JShredz left a lengthy response, explaining how and why these things are outside of Epic's control sometimes. 

He reminded that Fortnite's servers are top-notch high-end gear provided by their cloud partners. The amount of proverbial horsepower that is required to run everything smoothly is not only vast - it's spread out across the globe. 

"To the question of why doesn't Epic just build more servers in X location? The simplest answer is that we don't have the experience building and operating an international network of data centers that our cloud partners do, and it makes sense to leverage their expertise and infrastructure [..] Ultimately there are limits to the density of large cloud locations that make sense", he wrote. 

That said, attempting to rate Epic's efforts based on current network performance alone means you choose to dismiss the possibility that the periodic throttling, which is commonly performed by ISPs, is just lazy work by Fortnite's developer.

We must highlight the fact that the only thing more impressive than Fortnite's content delivery pipeline, is the speed at which they produce it. There aren't many studios that would even contemplate, let alone attempt to match Epic's relentless production track. 

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"Genuinely, I just want everyone to know that it hurts to see folks having trouble with performance, and we really do just want to provide the absolute best experience we can. We're working every day to continuously improve both our game codes and our global operation, and any time networking and performance are anything less than invisible, we know we've got more work to do", he concluded. 

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