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Epic have just untangled the mess around Fortnite's 7.30 update

Published: 13:18, 01 February 2019
Epic Games
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Epic have just finished patching up Fortnite following a series of issues caused by the 7.30 update, the one that added chiller grenades, which means that everything is locked and loaded for Marshmello's virtual concert in Pleasant Park.

Along with chiller 'nades and mobile , Fortnite's 7.30 update came with a bunch of bugs, which Epic has been ironing out fo a few days now. Initially, it was about some user interface issues but Murphy's Law struck again.

The update introduced a new method for calculating ping in Fortnite, but players soon reported lost-connection messages and pings of 0ms, prompting the company to revert the changes until the new method is ready for prime time.

Not long after, Epic were forced to temporarily disable Fortnite's replay feature so as to investigate the issues. A few hours ago, they took down the game's social services, although they wrote that this just routine maintenance.

With the 7.30's misgivings hopefully all taken care of, everything is in place for Fortnite's upcoming concert. In case you weren't following, on Saturday, 02 February 2019, Pleasant Park's stadium will be hosting Marshmello, electronic dance musician whose arrival was already foretold by data miners.

Unfortunately for Epic, Fortnite's iOS edition started acting up in the meantime, which led to a few client updates and hotfixes that apparently addressed the issues. It didn't take long for problems to sprout up elsewhere, as Fortnite iOS' newly added Marshmello skin forced the company to disable reactive lighting on it until further notice.

Hopefully, this ends up being the last of Fortnite 7.30's woes, although judging by the frequency of Epic's tweets and hotfixes, we wouldn't be counting on it just yet. Data miners claim that the company will make a special LTM dubbed Party at Pleasant Park just for the occasion.

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Note that Epic and Marshmello took care of the legalities so as to ensure players don't get copyright strikes for streaming the event, which "means you will not be able to monetize your video content, but you will be able to keep your content posted on your channel."

You can find out more on Fortnite's Twitter page .

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