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Epic again show zero tolerance policy in Fortnite cheating

Published: 15:45, 16 October 2018
Updated: 09:23, 13 December 2018
Epic Games
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Epic Games have reiterated the company's zero tolerance policy when it comes to cheating, as news broke that the company is after two YouTubers who used and advertised Fortnite cheats on their channels, referring to them as magic powers.

It seems that Fortnite and GTA V cheats gave a bit of a spotlight to one of the accused, as Brandon "Golden Modz" Lucas' YouTube channel has quite a number of subscribers - 1.7 million. The second defendant in the case was named as Colton "Exentric" Conter.

Epic claims that the two infringed on company owned copyrights and are in breach of their contracts, since they've been using unauthorised methods to gain an upper hand in Epic's shooter. The company said that introducing such code into the company's intellectual property is a "tortious interference", which I guarantee will be the weirdest word you heard today.

Moreover, Golden Modz channel regularly advertised its two marketplaces dealing specifically in Fortnite and GTA V cheats, although we won't be naming them here. Basically, Lucas has been using, selling and gifting his cheat suite, using his YouTube channel as an advertisement platform of sorts. Considering that the cheats range in price from $60 to as much as $400, I imagine he made a pretty penny too.

To make matters worse, Lucas has been referring to cheats as Fortnite's magical superpowers, which to be fair, seems like a much better pitch than spamming free V-Bucks or whatever. Nevertheless, Epic caught up with them and I'm not sure the two will like it very much, especially given the company's recent track record. Anyone still remember the 14 year old that Epic took to court?

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Lucas wasn't entirely unprepared though as one of his earlier videos mentions how Epic struck down 9 of his videos but that he has a backup channel ready as well. Interestingly enough, he doesn't mention any cheats - quite the contrary, as he thinks Epic should pay attention closer to home. Apparently, he's just a "kid that makes videos" and rapid growth of his YouTube channel justifies this sort of fun.

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