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Epic Games Store giving out two Batman trilogies - Arkham and Lego

Published: 09:37, 20 September 2019
Warner Bros
An assailant jumping at DC's Batman from Batman: Arkham Knight
Batman: Arkham Knight

Epic Games Store's gift packages sure seem to be growing heavier, as their one game per week turned into two, and now two turned into a six, as the dev is giving away two trilogies - Batman Arkham and Lego Batman ones.

It just so happens that this is the year when the caped crusader celebrated 80 years since it first appeared, and although Epic a bit late to the birthday party, we're sure not complaining because this is a six-game package with no fillers whatsoever.

Granted, you could consider the Lego Batman Trilogy a filler, but do so at your own peril - it doesn't take long to see that Lego Batman's trilogy has quite similar scores to its bigger trilogy brother here. Anyway, the list is as follows:

Lego Batman Trilogy

LEGO® Batman™: The Videogame

LEGO® Batman™ 2: DC Super Heroes

LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham    

Batman Arkham Collection

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham Knight

Lego Batman: The Videogame launched to rave reviews in 2008 and Traveller's Tales poured into it everything they learned with previous adaptations of popular IPs, such as Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures.

It worked like a charm and the sequels, DC Super Heros and Beyond Gotham, fared even better, although most reviewers agree that the former is probably the best of the lot. That's not to say that Beyond Gotham is bad, as it did expand the character pool and the in-game world, but it failed to catch up with DC Super Heroes' scores. 

As for the Arkham Trilogy, we'd say it needs no introduction, what with it being a prime example of Batman's dominance in the superhero games department. Heck, even Spider-Man ended up mimicking the Arkham formula, quite successfully if we may add, which finally did some justice to Spidey, after several relatively mediocre attempts to bring him into the world of gaming. 

Warner Bros Batman looking over a devastated part of town Rocksteady Studios, Batman: Arkham Knight

So, if you still haven't played any, or just some of the Arkham or Batman Lego games, you're looking at one fun weekend ahead, courtesy of Epic Games. You can find Batman's Arkham and Lego trilogies giveaway page on the .

WarnerBros. screenshot from batman arkham knight showing red hood firing a gun at opponents Red Hood in Arkham Knight

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