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Epic Games Store giving away Soma and Costume Quest

Published: 16:44, 01 November 2019
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Epic Games Store's long line of freebies continues and as promised, if the intended freebie is a more mature game, Sweeney and Co add another more kids-friendly one. And what kid-friendlier game than Double Fine's gem Costume Quest.

Having spent a fair amount of time in both of the games, consider this piece a mini-review of both, although we're bound to miss a few things. If you're just interested in the TL&DR, here it is - both are well worth the admission price and this time it's a no brainer, because there is none. 

Soma is described as a survival horror but cramming it into any genre really doesn't do it any justice. I've personally come to despise the horror genre's (over)reliance on jump scares, and Soma impressively enough didn't have a single one. 

Nevertheless, the game had me looking away from the screen just to get my heart rate under control - the sort of terror that needs to be methodically built. Think Room 237, as in you'll think about what you played for a while.

And build it they did - Frictional Games aced the theme, setting, storytelling, pacing - just about every aspect of the game is meticulously woven into a thoughtful and terrifying story. 

Naturally, Soma is not suited to minors, so Epic added a real Halloween gaming gem called Costume Quest, which is sure to bring you back to your trick or treating prime. It's a simple but excellently done RPG by Double Fine Productions, that will have you trick or treating to improve your suit, which doubles up as your fighting power-suit.

Double Fine Productions Two Costume Quest characters in costumes on Halloween Costume Quest, a trick or treating RPG

Being a Double Fine title, expect plenty of Tim Schafer's quirkiness, wrapped in a pretty fun RPG mechanic that's surprisingly fun and replayable, despite its simplicity. 

You can find the two games .

Frictional Games picture showing underwater facility Soma

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