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Frictional Games' first-person horror Soma is free on GOG

Published: 18:14, 28 December 2018
picture showing underwater glass tunnel

Frictional Games' first-person horror game Soma is now free to download on GOG's store. The offer is part of the GOG's Winter Sale and you can claim your copy until 30 December 2018, 12:00 CET. It's also free of any DRM protections.

If you're yet to play Soma and weren't to impressed with the praise many critics threw its way, now is the time to give it a go yourself as the game is available as a free download on Just visit the website, add it to your GOG account and hop into the underwater horrors of Soma's world.

Also, every game on GOG's store is free of DRM measures that  gaming performance and Frictional Games' title is no exception. 

Soma is the latest game from the creators of Amnesia the Dark Descent. It's set in a research facility deep in the Atlantic Ocean where robots and machines started creating a whole mess of problems.

Gameplay is similar to previous titles from Frictional Games, focusing on puzzle-solving, hacking terminals and sneaking. Soma forgoes reliance on jump-scares and doesn't feature combat mechanics. It utilises elements of psychological horror to immerse the players into its atmosphere.

Recently, the game got a safe mode for those who can't handle its horrors. The mode removes all enemies and lets you focus on great storytelling and peaceful exploration of the mysterious underwater facility.

Frictional Games picture showing underwater facility Soma

Soma is also a good opportunity to catch up with Frictional Games' work as they announced that two new games are currently in the works. The first one will be another horror experience while the other title is a bit experimental and more about "gaining an understanding of different concepts".

If you enjoy a little dread in your morning cup of tea, GOG is currently hosting a Winter Sale with over 1900 discounted titles. Recently, we made a list of our which you might want to consider.

For those who prefer their games on Steam, Soma is also part of Steam's Winter Sale. You can get it for $4.49 which is 85 per cent off from the standard price.

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