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Frictional Games once again teasing Soma successor?

Published: 16:46, 04 January 2020
picture showing underwater glass tunnel

Frictional Games, the developer you may know from their exquisite work on the survival horror gem Soma, appears to have dropped another hint about their next undertaking. Their newly updated website now has a one-second teaser. Technically.

We're saying 'technically' because a one-second looping animation on Frictional Games' website isn't what you'd normally call a teaser. Nevertheless, the new section at being updated with animations is a good sign they're up to something. 

It's well worth saying that prior to the holiday break, the studio has been busy with redesigning their website. There's even from 20 December 2019 detailing how the redesign came about, and it's actually a pretty fun read, even if it doesn't mention the new game. 

Back to the game though - as noticed by Rock, Paper Shotgun, this section of the website has been there for years and it simply said, "Our next project has not yet been announced". The fact that it's now being updated by Frictional Games is a good enough indicator that we may be getting an announcement soon. 

What the announced game may be, however, is anyone's guess at the moment, as the studio has been relatively quiet since Soma's release in 2015. They did launch an update that let you experience the game without monsters, which was requested by many players, but other than that, it's been a pretty quiet period. 

Naturally, the "quiet" period is on our end, and we're hoping that Frictional kept as busy as possible. 

Frictional Games picture showing underwater facility Soma

In case you haven't noticed, we're fans of the studio's work - we generally liked Penumbra games; we loved Amnesia ones, but Soma hit us like a ton of bricks to the point where it still makes us think, even years after playing it.

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