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Epic cracking down on signalling in Competitive Fortnite 2020

Published: 08:35, 21 January 2020
Epic Games
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Epic Games continue to polish the competitive side of Fortnite and in their latest update, the dev announced they'll be cracking down hard on any form of competitive collusion, including all forms of signalling they've detected thus far.

They reminded that competitive and anti-cheat teams worked around the clock in 2019 to remove players who broke their Competitive Code of Conduct and other rules from tournaments and Arena.

"Our primary goal is to support competition that is fun, inclusive, and in line with the overall spirit of Fortnite. Unsportsmanlike conduct from participants is not within that spirit, and will not be tolerated in Fortnite competition", Epic wrote. 

While Competitive Fortnite's Collusion Rule has been in place for a while now, the dev highlighted a specific point that they'll try harder to eradicate. These are as follows, with the bolded one being the one to watch out for:

Players may not work together to deceive or otherwise cheat other players during any match (“Collusion”). Examples of Collusion include the following:

  • Teaming: Players working together during the match while on opposing teams.
  • Planned Movement: Agreement between 2 or more opposing players to land at specific locations or to move through the map in a planned way before the match begins.
  • Communication: Sending or receiving signals (both verbal and non-verbal) to communicate with opposing players.
  • Item Dumping: Intentionally dropping items for an opposing player to collect.

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Apparently, players have been sending and receiving signals in official Fortnite competition throughout 2019, which left many confused as to the validity of the rule. In 2020, however, Epic will be taking action against any kind of communication between opponents and opposing teams, which "includes, but is not limited to":

  • Pick-axe swinging
  • Emoting
  • Toy tossing
  • Jumping

"Any cases of signaling like those listed above will now result in a teaming/collusion penalty. We want to be explicitly clear that pacifism-style gameplay is still allowed, but if signaling is involved, we will review and take appropriate action for the teaming/collusion penalty", they wrote. 

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