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Endless Space 2 leaving Steam Early Access on 19 May

Published: 10:38, 07 May 2017
Endless Space 2

Endless Space 2 has been on Steam Early Access since October last year. The first in a series of 4 trailers leading up to its 19 May launch showcases the exploration aspects of the turn-based strategy title developed by Amplitude Studios and published by Sega.

The fourth game se in the Endless Universe is coming to PC on 19 May 2017. In preparation for Endless Space 2's departure from Steam Early Access, Amplitude Studios are releasing 4 trailers, each covering one of the 4X building blocks of that particular brand of turn-based strategy genre. Explore, expand, exploit and exterminate.

Amplitude Endless Space 2
Endless Space 2

It's refreshing to see a game not getting stuck in Early Access for ages and fan feedback has done the Endless series a lot of good. The best example for this is the Cultist faction from Endless Legend which was one of the more interesting concepts fans brought into that game.

This time around there are 8 major factions announced, with more on the way as expansions and DLC rolls out post-launch. Next to those factions, a create your own option is also available.

Amplitude Endless Space 2
Endless Space 2

will launch with an already sizable amount of good reviews on Steam, while most of the complains about the game seem to be cantered around technical issues, as is quite common for Early Access titles.

If you are pondering a purchase prior to 19 May it might be prudent to actually wait for launch, since Steam releases tend to stroll out the gate with small launch day discounts.

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