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Humankind dev talks Fame and Stars as means of progression through eras

Published: 18:02, 03 April 2020
Updated: 18:55, 03 April 2020
Humankind's in-game armies approaching a town
Humankind, looks like trouble approaching!

We're yet to get the exact date when Amplitude Studios' 4X strategy Humankind hits the shelves, but the dev is doing a great job filling in the gaps. In the latest video, they discussed progression through eras.

Humankind uses a single unified victory condition called Fame, although it's not as straightforward as the word alone suggests. 

One of the chief contributors to your Fame figure are Stars, which players get for specific achievements in categories like population, expansion, research, military and so on. Circumnavigating the globe or building a wonder, for instance, also earns you Stars. 

 As Humankind players progress from the Bronze Age to modern times, they will also be progressing culturally. Amplitude worked with historians to ensure to properly reflect specific advantages and perks. 

Transitioning through Humankind's eras will present players with a choice of 10 cultures of the era, letting them either build on the existing, or mix and match cultures. Players can even choose to transcend culture, which foregoes the associated bonuses but earns Fame points.

Every culture in Humankind has its own special unit and building, both of which mean a specific advantage that can be exploited, the latter staying with you regardless of whether you've switched cultures. There's also the skill that's specific to every culture and a legacy trait that sticks with your civilization throughout. 

Amplitude insists that they wanted to make Humankind about the journey and not the proverbial destination. It certainly looks the part for now, and considering how many 4X games are normally finished - that's not a bad call at all. 

Sega Mountain landscape as depicted in Humankind Humankind, quite the view!

If you're interested in learning more about Humankind, you can check out Amplitude's videos on terrain features and Landmarks , as well as territory claiming and city growth .

Humankind, 4X strategy by Amplitude Studios and Sega

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Humankind, looks like trouble approaching!

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