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Humankind dev takes a closer look at territory claiming, city growth

Published: 16:58, 13 March 2020
Mountain landscape as depicted in Humankind
Humankind, quite the view!

It may be Friday the 13, but if you're a 4X strategy fan, today's one of the lucky days when Amplitude Studios gave us a sneak peek into Humankind. In their latest video, the dev took a look at territory and the way city growth works.

If you happened to miss Humankind's previous preview video, which focused on terrain features and Landmarks, you can catch up over here .

It's pretty clear from the start that Amplitude did a great job when it comes to visuals, but they're well-grounded in the behind-the-scenes framework of their highly anticipated strategy. 

With cities being the lifeblood of Humankind, the dev wanted to reflect the organic growth we see in real life. 

The game's executive producer Jean-Maxime Moris said, "One of the core themes of Humankind is cultures evolving and changing through times, and we wanted that to be reflected in the way your cities look. So when you look at your city, basically, all its paths and history will reflect your strategic decisions."

Amplitude took some tips from their previous game, Endless Legend, where they divided the world into predefined territories, a solution that worked wonderfully thus far. Humankind players are getting treated to an improved solution though, as the dev innovated on this formula. 

Lead game designer Maxence Voleau said, "We decided that territories will now be dynamic, meaning that some territories will be on the map from the beginning, but the player will be able to aggregate territories together to turn into bigger and bigger cities."

Sega Humankind tab showing knowledge-acquiring mechanic Humankind, knowledge is power!

Humankind also made sure that exploiting resources and specialisation of a city will be clearly reflected on the map, letting players build their own legacy through times. 

Amplitude made sure that your path can be traced thanks to what they call Emblematic Quarters, which are the kinds of tiles that don't change with time and show who you may have assimilated/conquered along the way.  

Humankind, 4X strategy by Amplitude Studios and Sega

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Humankind, looks like trouble approaching!

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