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Empire of Sin is coming to Xbox Game Pass

Published: 14:46, 15 March 2021
Romero Games
Picture of some gangsters duking it out in Empire of Sin
Empire of Sin

Romero Games' mash of turn-based tactics, RPG and strategy is coming to the Xbox Game Pass library in just a few days, giving you an opportunity to check out the prohibition-era Chicago.

Empire of Sin is coming to Xbox Game Pass for both Xbox and PC on March 18, 2021. For those uninitiated, the game sends you to Chicago during the earlier part of the 20th century and emulates the era when mobsters were all the rage.

There is a huge trove of gangster bosses you can play as or eventually go up against, including the most famous one - Al Capone. Each boss has their own strengths and you will be looking to take the city over and eventually boot everyone else or get them under your roof.

The idea at the end of the day is to see as much money and dominance as you can while going through the game that combines elements of turn-based tactics, RPG and economy management. In other words, many consider it to be similar to the XCOM series in all these ways.

That said, it seems like the Empire of Sin has a long way to go until it reaches XCOM's heights if it ever does. When you check out the reviews on Steam, you will see it has only 44 per cent positive reviews which is pretty abysmal when compared to 94 per cent of XCOM: Enemy Unknown or 86 per cent of XCOM 2.

Romero Games are still updating the game and trying to iron things out so Empire of Sin might still have a bright future ahead. With availability on Game Pass, it might be a worthy time investment at some point.

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