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Elon Musk posts Twitter poll to add The Witcher to Tesla

Published: 02:36, 23 January 2020
CD Projekt RED
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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Elon Musk continues to delight gamers with his gaming aspirations for the Tesla series of electric cars, and after recently adding Cuphead, he posted a poll to see whether there's interest to add The Witcher and possibly even Minecraft.

The poll, which you can check out below, reads, "Want to play The Witcher game on your Tesla? (you can already watch the show on Tesla Netflix theater)", and gives the users options between "Yes (tosses coin)" and "No, I have the plague". 

Musk's funny bone is clearly in the right place, even though some of the commenters seem convinced that his wording is disrespectful towards the victims of the Coronavirus that's plaguing China recently. No, we're not touching that with a 20-foot pole. 

Back to gaming though - another commenter inquired as to the possibility of Minecraft being added to Teslas, saying it'd be a blast if he could play it with his son. Much to our joy, and we're sure we're not alone in this, Musk agreed and said it's "v[ery] important". 

We don't think this was sarcasm as Elon said on more occasions that his children enjoy the game, and even Rick & Morty referenced that in one of the Season 4 episodes, hilariously so. 

If we were to let our imagination run free, it seems like it's only a matter of time before Musk starts pondering dedicated controllers to Teslas. I mean, at this rate of adding increasingly complex games to the vehicle line, it seems inevitable that there'll be a need for more tactile controls. 

CNBC picture showing elon musk Elon Musk

may be insanely challenging but Tesla's capabilities are adequate enough to handle the simple platforming controls it requires to run. Same goes for the poker and mahjong games that are , where Musk is working with the publishing giant Tencent.

However, once you've entered the RPG domain and the necessity for inventory management and other dedicated keys arises - a Tesla game controller starts sounding like an inevitability rather than wishful thinking. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, An Iconic RPG by CD Projekt Red

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The Witcher 3
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