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Cuphead coming to Tesla cars this summer, Elon Musk is a fan

Published: 08:33, 03 June 2019
Studio MDHR
Cup headed creature fighting monsters

It has been confirmed that Cuphead, insanely difficult and just as insanely gorgeous run and gun title by Studio MDHR, will be coming to Tesla vehicles this summer. Elon Musk himself said that the game is cool but 'sadistically difficult'.

Speaking in the Ride the Lightning podcast, Musk confirmed that they worked with Studio MDHR to make sure it's done right and Tesla's Model 3, Model S and Model X are apparently running it just fine already.

Note, however, that due to storage limitations, Cuphead's Tesla edition will only feature the Inkwell Isle One section, but that alone should be more than enough to keep you going for a while.

Additionally, Cuphead's difficulty made it near impossible to control with a wheel and/or the touch screen, so you'll require a wired controller if you wish to play. "It's a cool game. It's insanely difficult. It's sadistically difficult", Musk said at one point.

Of course, Cuphead's difficulty is no surprise - it was one of the original goals, as Studio MDHR aimed to marry the soul-crunching difficulty of old games with an even older animation style.

Musk also pointed out that Cuphead's looks can be deceiving. "It's a twisted plot. It's dark. It looks like some cute little Disney thing and you're like, 'This plot is very dark'", he said.

Having launched in September 2017, Cuphead sold by December that same year. The latest official figures are from August 2018, when the sales were at 3 million.

"Finding out that Mr. Musk was a fan of our game was extremely humbling and getting a chance to work with such an innovative company has been really exciting. We hope Cuphead can add some classic fun to such forward-thinking vehicles", Studio MDHR told IGN.

Studio MDHR Cuphead and Mugman shooting at two giant frogs Cuphead

Studio MDHR had two requirements to hop aboard, which was that the game maintains a steady framerate and that the controls are precise, both of which are crucial to the gameplay experience.

The addition of Cuphead to Tesla cars comes after Musk's decision to include on their vehicles.

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