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Elden Ring fans are now donating blood until the game releases

Published: 16:14, 26 February 2021
elden ring artwork and photo of a man giving blood donation
"Sacrificing my blood to the healing church every eight weeks until Elden ring releases," Redditor wrote

Elden Ring fans are a weird bunch. Instead of simply moaning on social media and gaming forums, they decided to turn their pain into a noble cause - blood donations.

The wait for Elden Ring has been a painful one. Ever since FromSoftware announced their brand new project at E3 2019, we have not received a single piece of official info. No gameplay, no new trailers and no release date, nada. Elden Ring fans have been craving to hear more about the game but frustratingly FromSoftware are not quite ready to talk about their biggest game yet. 

And while the community is waiting in eager anticipation to hear more about Elden Ring, they have come up with some pretty creative ways to make the wait as bearable as it can be. From memes about Hidetaka Miyazaki's feet to spamming Geoff Keighley's inbox Elden Ring fans are certainly one of the most creative but also weirdest groups on their gaming Reddit.

One Elden Ring Redditor has decided to take things even further. Instead of shitposting on the subreddit, Nikolandia  came up with a brilliant idea. He is donating blood every eight weeks until Elden Ring releases.

"Sacrificing my blood to the healing church every eight weeks until Elden ring releases. I told you I would do it," he wrote in his post where he also shared an image, which you can check out below.

Reddit screenshot showing Nikolandia's post on Elden Ring subreddit Nikolandia's post on Elden Ring subreddit

Nikolandia jokingly described his experience by using Bloodborne lore:

The whole experience was pretty weird. The priests kept insisting that I call them "nurses", and that I was in a "hospital" not a church, and that this was a "donation" not a blood sacrifice. They also only wanted to take 470ml instead of the round 500ml that I requested. "Standard procedure" they called it. I wanted to make this into a daily thing, but the priests.. oops sorry... "nurses" said the ritual can only be performed once every eight weeks. I think it might have something to do with the phases of the moon, or something. 

Hats off Nikolandia, you amazing human being. And remember, don't go hollow!

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