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Echo, Tracer and Zenyatta nerfed in latest Overwatch update

Published: 20:22, 29 January 2021
Overwatch - Ragdoll Echo Epic Skin
Overwatch - Ragdoll Echo Epic Skin

Blizzard nerfed a trio of heroes that were performing too well in slightly too many situations but Echo, Tracer and Zenyatta should now be less of a headache to deal with.

Overwatch players seem to have had their fill of annoying heroes that were not necessarily an instant win when picked and the devs are kicking a few of them in the knees.

Hearing Deja Vu voice lines all over the place has become a trigger itself but getting melted down by the quick Brit can feel like getting salt on the wound. She will still be able to do this after the nerf from January 28 patch but she will need to risk more in order to be effective since her weapon range has been reduced and now has min-max damage falloff at 12-20 metres instead of 13-23.

While Tracer will now need to make riskier players, Zenyatta will not necessarily need to alter his playstyle. The Omnic monk was too powerful in passive moments as the Discord Orb was just too effective when teammates would on to a target. It will now amplify damage by 25 per cent instead of 30. 

Furthermore, orbs will take 25 per cent longer to pop up on enemies or allies, which should really only make a difference at very long range. In other words, you will still just mark an enemy and keep chucking balls around but it should be slightly harder to capitalise on orbed enemies.


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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Overwatch - Oasis

As for Echo, she is will need to be more precise with the Focusing Beam in order to kill tanks since it now lasts two seconds, down from 2.5. This both gives her less time and less total damage to pump out, which doesn't matter much against squishies but she will need more precision against the likes of Roadhog or D.Va.

She will also be slightly less spammy since Tri-Shot (primary fire) will now have 12 rounds before it needs to be reloaded, down from 15.

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