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Echo joins Overwatch roster next Tuesday

Published: 20:51, 10 April 2020
Overwatch's new hero Echo
Overwatch, Echo

Blizzard announced that the time for Echo to join Overwatch is finally upon us and she will be deployed with the next patch which is coming out just four days from the announcement.

Echo is headed for live servers in Overwatch on 14 April 2020, making it the date when the last Overwatch hero will land before Overwatch 2 comes around. It is worth keeping in mind that this does not mean the end of new heroes for the regular Overwatch as Blizzard already confirmed they are going to add all OW2 heroes to the original as well. She is just the last one to come before the sequel.

For those who didn't see what Echo is all about just yet, she is another damage dealer, meaning the pool of damage dealers will remain bigger than the pools of supports and tanks combined.

Pharah will now get competition in aerial combat as Echo tends to float a lot as well but shoots shotgun-like scatter projectiles at enemies instead of rockets. Her alternate fire shoots several sticky grenades out so she can still be used as artillery as well.

Similarly to Pharah, using the shift button will properly Echo into the air but instead of using fuel to stay up, she has a glide mechanic, akin to Mercy's.

Her last regular ability is the Focusing Beam, that does 50 damage per second but it quadruples on enemies under 50 per cent health, making it perfect for finishing tanks off.

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Overwatch - Doomfist

Duplicate is her ultimate and the thing that sets Echo apart from the rest of the heroes. The flying omnic transforms into an enemy she is aiming at, getting the abilities, weapons and looks of said hero for 15 seconds. During that time, the stolen ultimate will charge at immense speed, making it possible to turn the enemies' tools against them quickly.

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