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EA plan to support Apex Legends for the next 10 years

Published: 12:08, 01 August 2019
Apex Legends creature Leviathan
Apex Legends, Leviathan. No you can't pet it.

During EA's Q1 2020 earnings call, the company's CEO Andrew Wilson and CFO Blake Jorgensen revealed some interesting details and plans for Respawn's battle royale Apex Legends. Apparently, EA plan to support the game for the next 10 years.

Respawn Entertainment's battle royale Apex Legends may not be as popular as it used to be shortly after its launch, but it's safe to say that many players still enjoy the Titanfall-like shooter. The game also introduced two season passes, which freshened things up a bit, after monotonous first months.

Judging by the latest comments from EA chiefs, it looks like Apex Legends has a bright future as the publisher plan to support the development for years to come.

During EA's Q1 2020 earnings call, which took place earlier this week, the company's CEO Andrew Wilson and CFO Blake Jorgensen shared some numbers regarding the player count and how exactly they plan to make the game engaging for the early players.

"We have between 8 million to 10 million people engaging in this game on a week-by-week basis. That is large by any measure. It makes it one of the - probably the most engaging games," Wilson said and added that long-term success involves fresh content updates and more.

"And at the very core is a great gameplay experience. And we know that long-term engagement involves the ongoing release of new content and the ongoing running of events, both of which the team at Respawn are doing with great success, but the very core of that is a great gameplay experience."

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen added that the publisher thinks of Apex Legends like an annual title that needs continues innovation and evolution over time. He also said that EA have at least a 10-year plan for Apex Legends.

"I believe that we have a 10-year run ahead of us or if not more. There’s so much potential and ways to change that game over time and add to that game. We think that there’s just huge potential in that and that’s how we’re managing it," Jorgensen explained.

EA Apex Legends' new character, Wattson Apex Legends, Wattson

As you can see from the quotes, Apex Legends has been a massive success for EA and Respawn and it's not surprising that both companies are committed to bringing even more content to players in the upcoming years. 

In short term plans, EA revealed that a heavily requested feature will finally come to Apex Legends sometime in August 2019. However, they didn’t name specifically what this feature is.

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