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Battlefield 2042 Portal trailer released, contains Bad Company references

Published: 01:19, 23 July 2021
Battlefield 2042 trailer - Bad Company reference
Battlefield 2042 trailer - Bad Company reference

Battlefield 2042 will contain a game mode that breaks pretty much all the rules of everything and seems like it will be aimed at those looking to blow off some steam.

Battlefield games can get quite intense when you're paying attention to everything in the environment while hoping a well-adjusted sniper doesn't blow your face off from a bush half the map away. It appears that Battlefield 2042 's Portal mode will be the exact thing you might need after such an adventure, in order to unwind and relax a bit while having some silly fun.

The mode will allow the community to adjust the rules of combat, gameplay and more. For example, those participating in a Portal match might find themselves unable to use their weapons at some point, with only the trusty defibrillator at their side. The trailer shows such a group of soldiers being pitted against WW2 Germans armed with knives.

If you need a second to re-read that sentence, be our guest, but we did say Portal will break all the rules. It appears this mode will borrow from multiple Battlefield games to create the ultimate zany experience. 

EA figured this out as well and made sure the trailer doesn't take itself too seriously, leaning into the memes and unorthodox strategies the players created over the years, such as using Jeep Stuff and an explosive anti-aircraft projectile that used to be a ground vehicle.

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