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EA accused of false advertising on FIFA 19's Switch edition

Published: 16:49, 24 May 2019
EA Sports
New cover for FIFA 19 with De Bruyne, Neymar and Dybala
FIFA 19, new cover

EA have found themselves in yet another false advertising controversy, this time regarding FIFA 19 content that was readily advertised to Switch owners but never delivered. EA's solution? Genius - simply remove it from the advertisements.

Unfortunately for EA, not all customers took their promotional campaign metaphorically, or however else the publisher meant it during their FIFA 19 marketing activities.

The actual issue arose around FIFA Ultimate Team's Squad Building Challenge (SBC), more specifically Team of the Season Guaranteed SBC, which ended up on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but not Nintendo Switch.

Team of the Season (TotS) cards are among the best cards in FIFA and many players counted on what EA advertised, expecting TotS guaranteed SBC.

What they purchased, however, ended up being different than promised, but it wasn't until those who actually paid attention to detail submitted reports.

And not any sort of reports, but bug reports, which gives almost comedic overtones to the entire ordeal.

"It's a shame, you are robbing us Nintendo Switch users from the most appetible contents in-game to get a good challenging squad", he said.

He argued that FIFA 19 continued to advertise these features after it launched on Nintendo Switch, but they've since been removed. Not that it makes it right, of course.

"I was waiting and planning for this SBC since the TOTS were announced. I paid FIFA 19 for Nintendo Switch just as much as the others for PS4 or XB1. I understand the game may be limited due to servers, but SBCs are always available, EXCEPT the best ones that magically disappear", he concluded.

The bug report got quite a bit of attention from folks who noticed the missing features, with all of them hoping EA do something about it.

EA Sports FIFA 19, Ronaldo and Messi

Needless to say, being informed that something that affected your purchase is no longer featured in an ad is no consolation - it's more like finding out the method someone used to trick you.

You can find the bug report over .


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