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Dying Light 2 gets free DLC packs for the next two weeks

Published: 03:01, 15 February 2022
Dying Light 2
Dying Light 2

Techland offered some great news for Dying Light 2 players on Valentine's Day as they revealed the DLC packs players will be able to claim for a limited time.

Dying Light 2 received a roadmap ealier, one that mentioned free DLC outfits planned for February 2022 but it didn't mention the exact date. That has changed on Valentine's Day as Techland revealed the dates and contents for the first set of free DLC drops. Players who are looking to acquire some sweet items can do so during the current and the next week, in three waves each.

In the week of February 14, 2022, players can obtain:

  • Part one
    • Intimidating Jacket
    • Intimidating Cargo Pants
    • Intimidating High-tops
  • Part two (available from February 16)
    • Intimidating Gauntlets
    • Intimidating Windbreaker
    • Intimidating Leather Guards
  • Part three (available from February 18)
    • Two-handed Authority hammer

Each part of the aforementioned outfit will give you a four per cent bonus resistance to damage from human enemies while completing the set will provide an additional six per cent bonus. Each of the claimed items can be found in the in-game stash.

In order to claim the DLC, you will need to visit the storefront where you bought Dying Light 2. From there, claim the DLC and download it to find the items in the game the next time you load it up.

From February 21, 2022, players will have another set of items they can collect for free - the Ronin pack. This one will have a unique sword instead of the hammer so keep your eyes peeled.


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