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Drift 21 update changes the way tires behave

Published: 23:51, 04 November 2020
ECC Games
Drift 21
Drift 21

ECC Games and 505 Games announced a new update for Drift 21, which is trucking through the Early Access on Steam. It should make tire choices more meaningful, along with plenty of other upgrades.

Tires are an essential part when someone is building a drift car. When there is a video game that's all about building one and then using it in practice, you bet that the rubber is extremely important, or it should be.

This wasn't the case with Drift 21 prior to the latest update but now it should work much better. After listening to the community, the devs apparently put a lot of work into diversifying the tire types so it's easier to match the best possible rubber with other attributes of your car, such as the power itself.

Harder and softer compounds should be easier to differentiate now but the devs are not stopping there. The score system has been almost overhauled completely and the UI has been improved to have inclinometer which should help you with controlling the drift.

A new camera type has also been added so the players can have a better lean from the focus point and more graphics settings are no available, such as Gamma, Anti Aliasing, display method and more. Furthermore, Kiss the Wall and Wall Tap events should be easier to understand now and more forgiving to boot.

The devs announced that more fixes and updates based on the community feedback will be coming in the future, which is not particularly surprising since the game is still in early access on steam.

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