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Shakedown: Hawaii is Epic Games Store's latest timed exclusive

Published: 18:41, 05 March 2019
Vblank Entertainment
Shakedown: Hawaii

Vblank Entertainment, the company you may know from their work on Retro City Rampage, have decided to make its 16-bit spiritual successor Shakedown: Hawaii a timed exclusive on the Epic Games Store once it launches this spring, i.e. soon.

As the trailer says, Shakedown: Hawaii takes place in a 16-bit destructible open world that remembers the carnage you've left, at least until you've been killed and had to respawn.

The developer promises a bunch of settings from the jungle to the city, with more than 200 buildings you can explore and secrets to uncover.

Shakedown: Hawaii follows three protagonists - a wayward CEO whose company goes bankrupt while he's on the beach, but is eager to get back up via any means necessary, his son who's also an aspiring DJ and last but not least - the family's dirty work handler.

Unfortunately for their family, the new age has just about killed their regular means of income, as online shopping and ride sharing are quickly replacing retail and taxis. 

To get out of the bind, players will be building what Shakedown: Hawaii describes as "legitimate" corporations, performing open world missions, buying stores and businesses, sabotaging, racketeering and all sorts of similar, equally legal activities.

"Questionable subsidiaries, misleading ads, fine print, service fees, and marketing spin are your building blocks", Vblank wrote.

Of course, the businesses acquired by Shakedown: Hawaii players along the way bring either cash, weapons or cosmetic perks like clothes or haircuts, with additional options available to increase their efficiency.

As you'd expect, some players are already criticising Shakedown: Hawaii's switch to the Epic Games Store, as they think that Sweeney and Co are unnecessarily forcing exclusivity to lure players to a platform they don't consider worthy of their presence.

Vblank Entertainment Shakedown: Hawaii
Shakedown: Hawaii

Even in the trailer itself, there are users who are commenting on how Epic are afraid of user reviews.

In Epic's defence, they did say they're looking into ways to prevent review bombing and other similar cheap moves before they move onto that, but the timed-exclusives sure don't seem to be winning them any friends. 

Shakedown: Hawaii open world platformer by Vblank Entertainment

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Shakedown: Hawaii

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