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Dragon Quest Walk is Square Enix's version of Pokemon Go

Published: 07:32, 03 June 2019
Square Enix
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Dragon Quest Walk

Square Enix have officially announced a brand new Dragon Quest game named Dragon Quest Walk. It's an augmented reality game, similar to Pokemon Go and it's coming to smartphones sometime in 2019. A closed beta test will begin on 11 June.

Japanese publisher Square Enix are entering the augmented reality games market with a brand new Dragon Quest game named simply Dragon Quest Walk. The game is in development for mobile, both iOS and Android devices, by Japanese development team Colopl, better known for their VR title Titan Slayer.

Dragon Quest Walk doesn't have a specific release date at the moment but Square Enix confirmed they aim to launch the game before the end of the year. In just a couple of days, the publisher plan to start with closed beta testing for 20,000 users on both platforms, 10,000 each. 

The beta will start on 11 June 2019, and if you want to take part it in, you can sign up on the official website, but keep in mind that at the moment, Square Enix only allows players from Japan to take part in the test.

Whether they add more countries and cities in the future tests, it remains to be seen, but nothing is officially confirmed at the moment.

The official description of the game states that players will get to "walk around the real world, which was become the world of Dragon Quest" and move forward on the adventure in "an RPG like no Dragon Quest before it".

Players will get to battle against various monsters, grow their stats, prepare gear and even challenge powerful enemies. There's also a mention of players' rooms, which can be built and decorated with various furniture and items, which are obtained by completing quests on your adventure.

As for the quests, you'll take them from people around the town and the game will spawn quest events at landmarks all over Japan, but details on the type of quests are still non-existent.

You can watch the official trailer , and check the announcement on Square Enix's .

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