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DICE on Battlefield 2042's rumoured F2P mode: "More announcements to come"

Published: 17:07, 22 June 2021
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Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 developer DICE have offered a vague answer when asked about the game's rumoured F2P mode. DICE spokesperson did not confirm nor deny the existence of this mode, stating that more announcements will be coming down the line.

Recent Battlefield 2042 rumours have suggested that the game could feature a free-to-play mode, which would be similar to Escape From Tarkov. Reliable insider Tom Henderson stated earlier this month that he has received information that Battlefield's mysterious "Redacted" mode includes classic maps, weapons, vehicles and a lot more. And the best thing about this mode is that it would be free, allegedly. 

Of course, this has not been confirmed by official channels but it seems some kind of announcement could be coming very soon. YouTuber Lossy has asked DICE spokesperson whether the game will have a free-to-play mode, to which they did not confirm nor deny the existence of such mode.

They offered a vague response, saying there's still plenty of announcements in the pipeline. As reported by mp1st the DICE dev/rep at the event didn’t give a definitive "no," and mentioned that DICE weren’t going to talk about a F2P mode then and there, but that "more announcements will come" further down the line. 

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It's safe to say that more Battlefield 2042 events will be hosted as we get closer to launch. Expect to see more gameplay footage, screenshots and fresh details about the game which could potentially include the rumoured free-to-play mode.

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