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Rumour: Battlefield 2042's Redacted mode features classic maps and is free to play

Published: 14:19, 11 June 2021
screenshot of Battlefield 2042 website teasing two additional modes
Battlefield 2042 website teases two additional modes

Battlefield 2042's mysterious mode which is currently under [REDACTED] on the official website could be a free-to-play experience. Apparently, the mode could feature classic maps, weapons, vehicles and more.

Reliable Battlefield insider Tom Henderson has shared an interesting rumour regarding a mysterious [REDACTED] game mode, which EA and DICE are teasing on the official website. 

"Tune in to EA PLAY Live on July 22 and watch the reveal of this love letter to Battlefield fans and long-time players, developed by DICE LA," it's written on the website under the game experiences section, which also includes a description of Conquest, Breaktrugh and brand new Hazard Zone game modes.

Henderson states that he has received information that this mode is actually the rumoured "Battlefield Hub" we heard about some time ago. Apparently, the mode includes classic maps, weapons, vehicles and a lot more. And the best thing about this mode is that it would be free, allegedly.

Of course, until officially announced on July 22, 2021, we suggest you take everything with a grain of salt but Henderson says that he has seen some info and images. However, he cannot verify the details at this stage.

We have to say that this certainly does make sense and the rumours about "free-to-play Battlefield" have been floating around the internet for the past several months. Whether these are true or not, guess we'll find out in July.

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