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Twitch Prime December game roster gets Devolver Digital bundle

Published: 13:50, 25 December 2018
Picture of the December bundle for Twitch Prime subscribers
Twitch Prime December bundle

Games with Twitch Primes for December have been revealed, downloaded and played already but the company added a surprise Devolver Digital bundle to the roster recently. It includes seven additional games, with some fresh releases.

Twitch Prime December game bundle has Hacknet: Complete Edition, Poi and Smoke and Sacrifice included. Each of these games received favourable reviews from users, but never caught on in popularity. Possibly because of the lack of marketing as they are indie games.

On top of these three games, there is also the SNK bundle that includes Baseball Stars 2, Fatal Fury 2 Special, Metal Slug 2, Pulstar and Samurai Shodown 2. As you can imagine, these are all arcade games so nostalgia addicts should have a field day with this bundle. 

As a cherry on top, Metal Slug 2 supports local co-op while Fatal Fury 2 Special and Samurai Shodown 2 support local versus multiplayer so they could be a fun experience with friends.

Well, now it looks like there is another cherry on top of the first one as Twitch announced they added a Digital Devolver bundle that includes seven additional games - The Messenger, both Hotline Miami titles, The Swords of Ditto, Broforce, Crossing Souls and STRAFE.

Hotline Miami 1 & 2, as well as The Swords of Ditto, are the standout titles here. Both Hotline Miami titles are top-down games that put the early GTA violence to shame. The stellar gameplay is accompanied by a wonderful soundtrack, which resulted in the first Hotline Miami scoring 97 per cent positive reviews on Steam, with the sequel scoring "only" 92 per cent.

One Bit Beyond The Swords of Ditto RPG screenshot showing a tiny village with a fountain in the middle. The Swords of Ditto - Sometimes the game's visuals give off strong Super Mario World vibes.

The Swords of Ditto is a cute roguelite that supports local co-op and multiplayer. Unfortunately, this title isn't among the stars when it comes to reviews as users often complained about it being shallow and repetitive. On the bright side, The Swords of Ditto is great eye candy for casual gaming when you feel like relaxing.

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