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Blightbound is getting a free open beta weekend

Published: 19:50, 21 July 2020
Ronimo Games

Ronimo Games and Devolver Digital announced that Blightbound will have an open beta weekend, free for everyone to try the multiplayer dungeon crawler.

Video games' beta tests these days are usually tied to pre-orders or monetised otherwise so it's always heartwarming to see that some developers are staying true to the old ways when we could all play the test phase for free.

Ronimo Games' dungeon crawler, Blightbound, is one such game as both the developers and their publishers, Devolver Digital, announced that the game will have an open beta running from July 24 through 26. 

Those looking to give the game a shot can go to Blightbound's Steam page and download the game there when it becomes ready. The test is probably doubling down as a stress test for the servers and the last assessment before the launch into Steam Early Access on July 29, 2020. 

In case someone happens to like the game during the beta, there will be a 10 per cent discount at Early Access launch. Unfortunately, there is no listed price on the Steam page so it's hard to figure out how impactful the discount will actually be.

Anyway, the official description is that this is a multiplayer dungeon crawler where players are battling the Blight which is a corrupting fog that is corrupting anything it touches.

Available classes will consist of the holy trinity of fantasy games as players will be able to choose between playing a warrior, rogue or mage.

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