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Blightbound update brings new areas and heroes

Published: 23:19, 07 September 2020
Ronimo Games

Ronimo Games moved Blightbound development by another step as they released a new update that includes more heroes and areas for the early access game.

Games in Steam Early Access get constant updates but they are sometimes smaller than one might expect and don't contain new content. That is, however, the exact opposite of what the newest Blightbound update is all about.

Dubbed The Wolfpack Update, it expands the content of the game with a new area that can be explored along with new heroes that can be discovered and recruited into the player's ranks. There is new loot around, for good measure.

Anyway, the new area is a dungeon beneath Underhold, called The Creeping Blight. It is described as a place infested by elite champions of the Blight. It is a trio of merry day wreckers named Shellrot, Coward Osmund and Havern the Deserter. There is also their head honcho, Byrinth who apparently has an unpredictable personality.

On team goodie two shoes, we have the new arrivals Wodania and her son, Karrogh. The mother is a blind Matriarch who can use Smokebomb to camouflage the party or use Lightning Strikes and Fan of Knives for damage.

Meanwhile, Karrogh fits the regular warrior archetype who can use his Warcry to buff allies and employ his Lawbringer when it's time for killing enemies.

Dokalt's Ring, Wooden Idol and Sun's Restoration are the new items that can be used by the player's heroes and they apparently possess unique powers.

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