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Despite a new hero, Ana proved to be most popular in Overwatch 2 beta

Published: 08:03, 26 May 2022
A well-placed Biotic Grenade might save a teammate and cripple Roadhog in one fell swoop
Overwatch: Ana

Blizzard released some metrics behind the Overwatch 2 beta that included the hero usage, with fairly surprising results.

Sojourn was eagerly awaited as she would be the hero that would finally end the content draught in Overwatch so when she ended up being extremely popular in Overwatch 2 beta, it came as no surprise.

Similarly, new additions often go down in popularity metrics rather quickly and Sojourn's popularity slumped after just four days but she still ended up being the most popular DPS hero.

However, the overall popularity contest was won by Ana in a comfortable manner. Just three days after the beta started, Ana dethroned Sojourn as the most popular pick and she remained on top by a large margin all the way until the beta's end.

The popularity was measured by the percentage of time a hero was active during a match. For example, if a match lasted 10 minutes and Sojourn was present for seven minutes in total, it would result in 70 per cent usage. That was her usage rate in the first day but it quickly plummeted and would settle at around 30 per cent.

Ana was much more consistent - she started and finished the beta at around 60 per cent usage rate with a brief spike towards the end of the beta.

Another interesting takeaway from the blog post is the win rate, where Brigitte ended up quite high, despite losing most of her kit that annoyed the opponents.

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