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Demon's Souls Photo Mode and character creation detailed

Published: 13:29, 05 November 2020
Demon's Souls screenshot showing Character creation
Demon's Souls - Character creation

Today, Sony have offered us a first look at the detailed character creator and Photo Mode feature -in the upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive Demon's Souls.

A remake of the fan-favourite title from FromSoftware, Demon's Souls, is just around the corner now and today, Sony have given us a first look at some of the features that players were eager to see ever since the game was officially revealed.

The two features that Sony detailed in their latest blog post are character creation and Photo Mode. The devs say that with the new character creator, you will be able to customise your appearance with up to 16 million permutations.

this means a ton of customisation options than you'll remember from the PS3 game. The team also worked hard to ensure there is a satisfying variety possible for those who love to play with every slider. Check out some of the combinations in the images above and below.

Sony Demon's Souls screenshot showing Character creation tool Demon's Souls - Character creation tool

Players will also be happy to hear that Demon's Souls Remake comes with a wide variety Photo Mode options including filters, camera options and much more. Photo Mode will allow you to hide and show weapons and helmets or turn off the character entirely to capture iconic moments. Check out the Photo Mode in action in the screenshot below:

Sony Demon's Souls screenshot showing Photo Mode Demon's Souls - Photo Mode

Sony also confirmed that you will be able to apply some of these filters outside of Photo Mode, during ordinary gameplay, including one designed to tune brightness, contrast and colour levels to closely resemble those of the original PS3 game, for those who may prefer that classic look. 

You can find more details about Demon's Souls' Photo Mode and character creation tool on Sony's official blog.

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