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Def Jam Recordings are seemingly teasing a new game

Published: 06:46, 11 August 2020
artwork showing Def Jam Fight for New York cover
Def Jam Fight for New York

It looks like Def Jam Recordings could have a special announcement to share very soon. Over on Twitter, the publisher wrote that "we need a new Def Jam Game", followed with a message about a "special announcement".

We suggest you visit Def Jam Recordings on Twitter and give them a follow if a brand new Def Jam game or a remaster/remake of the existing one is your dream title. It looks like the iconic hip-hop label are cooking something and could soon officially announce their mysterious project.

How do we know this is a game, though? Well, as you can see in the tweets below, Def Jam shared a screenshot of a character screen from Def Jam Vendetta, a 2003 title that combined hip hop with pro wrestling. "The streets saying we need a new Def Jam game," Def Jam wrote in the tweet. 

Shortly after this, they tweeted again, saying that once Def Jam Twitter profile hits 1 million followers, they will share a special announcement. "Once our twitter hits 1M, we have a special announcement for y'all," they tweeted. At the moment, the number of followers sits at 994.9K. 

All in all, these are certainly exciting times for many players who are hoping to see a new Def Jam game or at least a remaster. We honestly hope that a new game is not exclusive for mobile, jam-packed with microtransactions and other stuff that mobile games usually feature. 

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