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Death Stranding for PC confirmed by Kojima Productions

Published: 15:56, 28 October 2019
Updated: 15:57, 28 October 2019
death stranding screenshot showing norman reedus holding a baby
Death Stranding

Death Stranding is not a PlayStation 4 exclusive after all. Not entirely at least, since the game will actually come out on PC roughly half a year after launch on Sony's console.

Death Stranding is coming out on 8 November 2019 for PlayStation 4 which was the only mentioned platform until recently, leading many to believe it would be exclusive to Sony's console. Considering the close cooperation between Kojima Productions and Sony, it is no wonder people thought the game wasn't coming to any other platform.

Against all odds, Kojima Productions Death Stranding would come to PC during early summer 2019, making the title a timed exclusive for Sony. It wasn't long that the fans picked up on the notions of timed exclusivity, immediately raising the concerns that Death Stranding could be Epic Games Store exclusive once it arrives on PC.

Those details are currently not available as the publisher didn't speak of their future strategy. On the other hand, the publisher in question is 505 Games, who did the work for Control. As you may already know, Control went for EGS timed exclusivity and the release date on Steam is set for August 2020.

On the other hand, it is Kojima Productions that 505 are dealing with this time around. Hideo Kojima himself an amicable relationship with Valve and Gabe Newell but it remains to be seen how the business will be conducted.

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Death Stranding

505 didn't officially state whether they will get a deal with Epic Games so it is all just speculation for the moment. We will be on hand to provide any updates on the featured storefronts in the future.

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