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Deadpool drops into Fortnite in style, with a yacht and fresh remixed track

Published: 23:19, 03 April 2020
Epic Games
Fortnite's depiction of Deadpool
Fortnite, Deadpool has arrived!

Fortnite players have been waiting for Deadpool's arrival for a while now and the wait is finally over. Coming as part of Chapter 2 - Season 2 Battle Pass, Fortnite's Deadpool looks every bit as mischievous as his cinematic counterpart.

"No more stalling. It's time to make the Chimichangas! Deadpool is finally here, and he's taken over the Yacht (sorry Meowscles)", Epic wrote in the announcement.

As we said, Deadpool is available to Chapter 2 - Season 2 Battle Pass owners and Fortnite players should know that the Deadpool Outfit can be unlocked regardless of whether you've finished his earlier Challenges. 

To unlock the loudmouth mercenary, Fortnite players need to complete the mercenary's Week 7 Challenges, i.e. find his Akimbo Pistols and bring them to him.

If you take a look at the mini-map, you can see his residency as it's got a distinct scribbled-in-by-Deadpool-himself vibe. Epic wrote that simply stopping by the yacht earns you the newly-remixed Freestylin' Lobby Track. 

"You’re probably thinking to yourself… 'Hey, I've got Deadpool. I've got Freestylin'. But I want more Deadpool in my life.' Fear not — he's got you covered again! Give Deadpool's Meaty Mallets for a test drive, take a glorious rainbow journey on his Dragacorn Glider (aka “Sparkle Thunder”), or just ride around with the dangerously dainty mini-scooter motorbike Emote!"

Epic have been quite tight-lipped on Fortnite's changes ever since Chapter 2 launched, so there's no official word on what's next. Data miners did find more challenges coming next week but it's unclear whether Deadpool will be weaved into an LTM or something.  

Thanks to the Fortnite community efforts, you can check out most of the changes from Fortnite's v12.30 update in the crowdsourced patch notes. 

The official Deadpool announcement can be found on Fortnite's website .

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