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Dead Space Remake is reportedly targeting early 2023 release date

Published: 08:26, 11 March 2022
Dead Space Remake
Dead Space Remake

According to reports, EA are now internally targeting an early 2023 release for Dead Space Remake, instead of the late 2022 timeframe.

The highly anticipated remake of the iconic sci-fi horror Dead Space is now scheduled to release in early 2023, according to industry insider Jeff Grubb. Apparently, the publisher Electronic Arts are no longer targeting the previously rumoured October 2022 release window and have decided to push the release to 2023.

Keep in mind that EA never announced any timeframe for Dead Space Remake so the info should be taken with a grain of salt since it's just a rumour at this point.

We should be getting fresh info regarding Dead Space Remake this Friday when EA and Motive have scheduled a development update live stream for the game. Whether or not we get the official info regarding the release date, it remains to be seen.

EA Dead Space may be returning very soon Dead Space may be returning very soon

Dead Space is considered one of the best sci-fi survival horror titles of all time. The game was designed by Glen Schofield, who is now working on his own sci-fi survival horror called Callisto Protocol, which is scheduled to launch this year. 

After two great entries, Dead Space disappointed fans with the third, more action-oriented title. We never got another Dead Space game after that, despite the requests from fans over the years. But now that EA are working on a Remake, it's safe to say that a new entry in the series is a possibility, especially if the Remake ends up being successful. 

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