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Days Gone gets Survival difficulty now, Challenges in late June

Published: 18:26, 06 June 2019
A man looking at a horde of zombies in Sony's game Days Gone
Days Gone

SIE Bend have just rolled out a mini content update for their post-apocalyptic freaker simulator Days Gone, adding Survival difficulty for those who need an even bigger challenge. Speaking of challenges, more are coming in late June 2019.

Days Gone's Survival difficulty is already live and to ensure a proper challenge, SIE Bend made it impossible to bypass enemies using Fast Travel.

Additionally, Survival comes with a basic HUD that doesn't come with freaker outlines or enemy awareness indicators. You can find it in the trailer above, somewhere around the 15-second mark.

Those who complete Days Gone Survival will earn bike skins and Trophies that can only be acquired this way, rather than paid for. 

"Later in June we will begin releasing Challenges. Each week a new combat, bike, or horde challenge drops with unique rules and scoring modifiers", the dev wrote.

Completing Days Gone Challenges comes with its own set of perks, like patches for improving health, stamina recharging, weapon durability and more, each of whom stacks and can be carried back into the game.

Days Gone players can also pursue rank and credits for skins and the wearable Rings.

"Rings provide more potent gameplay perks that help players perform better at all challenges; Rolling reloads a portion of your ammo, vaulting regenerates some stamina, headshots increase gun accuracy, and more. Players can only equip two rings at a time, so they have to make tactical decisions for each challenge", Bend said.

Note, however, that unlike the aforementioned patch perks, Rings do not carry into the main game.

Days Gone will be getting its first gameplay challenge in late June. Dubbed 'Surrounded', it has players cornered in Sherman's Camp and trying to survive an infinite horde. Which is a heroic way of saying they'll try to take down as many as possible before dying in agony. 

Sony Days Gone protagonist on a motorcycle following another biker Days Gone, main method for traversing the map

In short - deadlier enemies, combat challenges, horde challenges, bike challenges and challenge rewards are all coming to Days Gone in late June, just in time to counteract the post-E3 dopamine withdrawals.

You can find Bend's announcement .

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